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Our portfolio of extension leads offers a large selection of functionality, equipment and design in order to offer you the best possible multiple extension leads for work and leisure. Which extension lead meets your requirements?

Use the filter options and discover here which extension lead meets your needs.

Extension leads with on & off switch

Extension leads with illuminated on/off switches are available in many different versions. In addition to the classic extension lead with on and off switch, which supply all socket outlets with power at the same time, there are also extension leads that can supply power to socket outlets individually. The individually switchable extension leads with extra-large spacing and/or with a two-pole switch enable electrical appliances to be switched on and off individually without interrupting the complete power supply of the other electrical appliances plugged in. In addition, there are extension leads with hand and foot switches, which are perfect for hiding extension leads behind the sofa, for example, but still need to be conveniently switchable.